Is Pandora's box open?

by: Kiril Stoychev

Chairman of the Bulgarian Astrological Association


A paper presented on May 20, 2006 at the Third National Conference of the Bulgarian Astrological Association, Sofia, Bulgaria



This paper gives a forecast for future epidemics that might occur in the period between 2006 and 2020. These predictions came true with great accuracy – with the 2009-2010 swine flu and the 2019 outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID 2019).The forecast aired on the Bulgarian national television BTV in 2006 and 2009.


The paper analyzes the aspects of Chiron related to genetic experiments conducted in the 20th and 21st centuries and the connection of these experiments with various epidemics and pandemics.


According to the legend, Zeus, angry with Prometheus because he gave the fire to the people, decided to take revenge on them. So, Zeus commanded the god Hephaestus, who was also a blacksmith  to create a clay girl who would have a gentle voice and the eyes of a goddess. Zeus's command was fulfilled. All gods and goddesses of Olympus gave her their gifts - Aphrodite gave her heavenly beauty, Hera gave her mind, slyness and eloquence, Athena Pallas gave her beautiful clothes. The other gods also gifted her. Hence her name - Pandora - gifted with everything. At the wedding of the Titan Epimetheus and Pandora, Zeus also gave her his gift - a box in which all the miseries, misfortunes and illnesses that Zeus decided to send to the human race were imprisoned, as punishment for Prometheus' deed. Pandora's curiosity prevailed, and she secretly, without telling her husband, decided to open the box and then all the misfortunes that humanity now suffers spread to Earth. 


The present paper is a continuation of the papers I presented at the First and Second BAA Conferences, in which I revealed the role of Chiron in mundane astrology, in particular in the history of Bulgaria, as well as the conection between its aspects with the heavy planets and hurricanes in the Atlantic.

In my previous research, I also noticed that there was a connection between the aspects of Chiron and the "success" that scientists achieve in the fields of cloning and genetics. Here are some examples:



October, 20th 1966
In Pisces 

The Human genome was deciphered.  

August, 14th 1976
In Taurus

Dr. Christiaan Barnard was trying to implant monkey hearts (chimpanzees and baboons) into patients. They lived with monkey hearts from 6 hours to 4 days.

September, 4th 1986
In Gemini


March 14th 1986
Chiron in opposition
with Saturn

 1986 – A cow was cloned in America.



In England, the first case of "mad cow disease" was reported.

June 4th 1999
In Scorpio

 June 1st 1999 - The first attempt to clone a human embryo was reported.


June 1st 1999 - The first attempt to clone a human embryo was reported - this event occurred during the last conjunction of Chiron and Lilith and caused me the greatest anxiety, given the fact that the greatest disasters in human history - the Chernobyl disaster, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters have all occurred when Chiron and Lilith were in conjuction. The threat that cloning brings is on equal ground with that of nuclear weapons. Deciphering the secret of the human genome can be even more dangerous than discovering the secrets of the atom. In their quest to improve the human race, to prevent diseases, to prolong human life, to make man immortal, geneticists can bring us to the brink of the most terrible catastrophe. 



Due to the equalization of the two planets’s velocities and their retrograde movement, a total of 19 oppositions occurred between Chiron and Saturn during the years 1986-1996. It could be said that this entire period was influenced by these oppositions. Some of the most dramatic events of the second half of the 20th century happened: the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, many of the biggest ecological catastrophes, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and terrorist attacks. In addition to the events listed, I noticed the following relationships between the aspects of Chiron and the "success of genetics."



March, 14th 1986

Chiron-Saturn opposition (Gemini-Sagittarius axis)

1986 – A cow  was cloned from embryonic cells in America.

The first case of "mad cow disease" was reported in England.


April 26th - Chernobyl disaster, resulting in 40,000 deaths from cancer. 

May, 14th 1987

Chiron-Saturn opposition (Gemini-Sagittarius axis)

$ 3 billion from the US Federal Reserve was allocated for a human genome research project.

The procedure for the transfer of biological embryos was patented. 

June, 30th 1990

Chiron-Saturn opposition (Cancer-Capricorn axis)

  1990 – The US Department of Defense introduced mandatory DNA testing for military personnel. The largest DNA repository in the world was created.

August 8th 1992

Chiron-Saturn opposition (Leo-Aquarius axis)


Square between CHIRON AND PLUTO


 1992 - The first transgenic pig was created by scientists working for IMUTRAN Ltd (based in Cambridge!). Human DNA was inserted into a fertilized egg of a pig in an attempt to create a source for organs, which will not be rejected by the human immune system.

March 11th 1994

Chiron-Saturn opposition (Virgo-Pisces axis)

 May 26th - A bacteria that can eat away human tissue in a matter of hours was registered in the UK. The victims of this bacterium in the Netherlands were 132, in the UK they were 10. 

August 9th 1994

Chiron-Saturn opposition (Virgo-Pisces axis)


 September 27th in Delhi and Calcutta, India, a plague epidemic broke. 


April 22nd 1995

Chiron-Saturn opposition (Virgo-Pisces axis)

 1995 - Scientists from IMUTRAN Ltd.  created a transgenic pig heart that survived 30 hours after being transplanted to a baboon (monkey species). It was planned to use transgenic pig liver for transplantation on patients waiting for organs. In the years to come, thousands of monkeys and pigs died in similar genetic experiments

1995 - a patent  for external manipulation of human genes was issued - genetic material is removed from the cell, modified and then returned to it.


June 23rd 1996

Chiron-Saturn opposition, orb of 1 degree (Aries-Libra axis)

March 20th In Britain, consumption of beef contaminated with spongiform encephalopathy was found to lead to the so-called 'mad cow' disease

July 5th – The sheep Dolly was created - the first clone of an adult mammal.

1996 - the first animal-human clone was created. The scientist Jose Cibelli inserts DNA taken from his own cell into an egg of a cow from which the nucleus was removed. The embryo grew for 12 days.

1997 - Poly, a transgenic sheep (its cells contained human genes) was born.

1997 - A cow was cloned.




Equally dramatic are the aspects of Chiron with Pluto:


 Table 3. Conjuncts of Chiron and Pluto


Date of exact conjunction

Events in world history

June, 20th 1883 - Chiron and Pluto conjunction in the first degree of Gemini (this conjunction also includes Saturn with an orb of 3 degree)

Two months later on August 27, 1883, the Krakatoa volcano in  Sunda Strait, Indonesia, erupted with such unusual fury that it was considered the most severe volcanic eruption since the volcano on Terra Island during the Bronze Age 3,500 years ago. The eruption resulted in a seismic wave and a 35-meter tsunami which lead to 36,000 deaths.


1883 - Francis Galton, Darwin's cousin, introduced the word eugenics and paved the way for the mathematical study of heredity. 

Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron (in Leo) in the 20th century on July 20th,1941

June, 22nd1941 - Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. During World War II, horrific human experiments were made in the concentration camps. 


The next conjunction of Chiron and Pluto is in Sagittarius. It occurred twice - on December, 30th 1999 and as a result of the retrograde movement they approached each other again, being the closest on August, 9th 2000. 

2000. Successful cloning of pigs for the purpose of producing organs for human transplantation was reported. The first transgenic primate was created - rhesus monkey with jellyfish genetic material!! That same year, a fluorescent, transgenic rabbit was created as a work of art!


October, 15th 2000 – Ebola epidemic killed 150 people in Uganda.

The virus caused fever, in 90% of cases it was lethal. It first appeared in 1976 (during a conjunction of Chiron and Lilith!).


November, 19th 2000 - Greenpeace announced scandalous information that the European Patent Office had granted a patent on a germ consisting of human and animal cells!!! 


December, 19th 2000 - England became the first country in the world to allow germ cell cloning. 


 TABLE 4 – Oppositions between Chiron and Pluto

(Chiron in Pisces, Pluto in Virgo)

Date of exact opposition

Events in world history

April, 23rd 1961

Transplantation of organs (kidneys) from animals (chimpanzees) to humans. 13 patients lived with chimpanzee kidneys between 9 and 60 days until their bodies rejected them.

August, 16th 1962

In 1962  the first attempt to clone a frog was unsuccessful

September, 13th 1963

In 1963, geneticist John Haldane coined the word clone.

In 1963, the first successful experiment to clone a fish (carp) was made in China by the embryologist Dizhou Tong. The next successful experiment, was not reported until 1996 - the sheep Dolly.


In 1901, during the Chiron-Pluto opposition on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis (1900) and the conjunction between Chiron and Saturn in Capricorn (1901) the scientist Hans Spemann successfully split a two-cell embryo of a newt, obtaining two larvae as a result. The basics of cloning were laid.


Over the past few years, we have witnessed several oppositions of Chiron and Saturn.

The following events took place around the time of the Chiron-Saturn opposition, which occurred on October 24th, 2003:

The births of the first cloned deer (May, 23rd 2003) and horse (May, 28th 2003) were reported.


In esoteric literature, texts can be found stating that the highly developed civilization of the Atlanteans was destroyed by а flood, due to their wrongful interventions in the secrets of genetics - the creation of clones. It is also believed that the Atlanteans possessed the power of nuclear weapons!


Did the mythological images of hybrids between humans and animals not reflect the genetic experiments of ancient Atlanteans? Wasn't the centaur Chiron а product of such an experiment? Born from the copulation between the god Cronus (an Atlantean?) and the nymph Phillira and rejected by its mother after the birth because she decided that she gave birth to a monster. He was Immortal by birth (maybe genetically enhanced?) but was wounded deadly by carelessness from the invincible Hercules. Having suffered inhuman pain from his wound because of his inability to die, Chiron gave away his immortality and his suffering, for Prometheus' deliverance. 


And today, is it not through the asteroid Chiron, that the warnings not to repeat the mistakes of the past come? Will our civilization follow the path of Atlantis? Thanks to the interpretation of Chiron's aspects with Pluto, Saturn and Lilith, astrology warns geneticists that they are going the wrong way! 






The plague of the 20th century, a disease for which there is still no cure, has claimed millions of lives. Scientists agree that the cause of the disease is SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus), dangerous only for monkeys. It became contagious and fetal to humans as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), this happened when the virus crossed the interspecific barrier.


When and how did AIDS occur?

Over the past few years, it has become possible to determine when HIV was detected in human blood or plasma for the first time.


The earliest known examples of HIV infection

A relevant aspect of Chiron

A plasma sample taken in 1959 from a man living in Congo.

Opposition of Chiron and Pluto

HIV was found in biological tissue taken from an American teenager who died in St. Louis in 1969.

Conjunction of Chiron with the North Node in the first degree of Aries

Ingress of Chiron in Aries, the beginning of a new 50-year cycle

HIV was found in biological tissue taken from a Norwegian sailor who died in 1976.

Conjunction of Chiron and Lilith


The analysis of the plasma discovered in 1959 lead to the conclusion that HIV-1 was introduced to humans around 1940-1950 - much earlier than previously thought. In January 2000, the results of a study by Dr. Bette Korber from Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, were announced. Her research, based on a computer model of the evolution of HIV, indicated that it first occurred among humans in the 1930s (with a margin of error of +/- 15 years). 


How was this virus transmitted to humans? 


There are many different theories about this, but the most likely, according to scientists, is that the infection first entered humans in Africa through the consumption of monkey meat.


In May 2003, a group of Belgian researchers led by Dr. Ann Meek Vandamme presented a report at a meeting of the Belgian Academy of Sciences. Following the analysis of two subtypes of HIV-2 (A and B) taken from infected humans and the analysis of SIV taken from the blood of infected monkeys, Dr. Vandamme concluded that subtype A was passed to humans around 1940, and subtype B around 1945. According to researchers, this happened in the African country of Guinea-Bissau (a former Portuguese colony). This conclusion was based on the fact that the first person in Europe infected with HIV was a Portuguese soldier returning from that country.


In my opinion, the first transition of HIV from apes to humans occurred in 1941, when the exact conjunction of CHIRON and PLUTO in Leo happened.


Are the aspects of Chiron and Pluto really relevant to the outbreak of epidemics and pandemics? Let's take a look at the recently popular bird flu.



Bird flu (influenza aviaire)


Bird flu is an infection caused by a virus from the Orthomyxoviridae family. This infection can affect almost all species of wild or domestic birds. It can be highly contagious, especially in chickens and turkeys, and may cause extremely high death-rate among these species. The influenza aviaire virus may possibly infect other animal species such as pigs and/or other mammals. In rare cases when the strain is highly pathogenic, it can be transmitted to humans, as observed with the influenza A/H5N1 virus in Hong Kong in 1997 and February 2003.


Flu viruses are highly unstable and have the ability to mutate quickly, with the potential for transmission from one animal species to another. Scientists fear that bird flu can develop in a form that is easily spread among humans, which in turn can cause an extremely contagious and deadly disease. This can happen if someone already infected with the human flu virus is infected with the bird flu virus. Both viruses can recombine into the host organism, creating a hybrid that can easily spread from person to person.


The resultant virus is likely to be something that humanity has not yet faced. Without immune protection, the infection could trigger a devastating epidemic, such as the 1918-1919 Spanish influenza pandemic that killed an estimated of 40 to 50 million people worldwide. 


This pandemic is known to have taken place in two epidemic waves. The first wave of the pandemic began in the winter of 1918, during World War I. The flu started from the coastal town of San Sebastian in Spain ("Spanish flu") in February 1918. The virus spread rapidly in March, April and May to other European countries (France, Great Britain, Germany, etc.). The relocation of troops most likely helped to spread the epidemic worldwide. Most of Asia and Japan were also affected by August. At the end of August, the flu reached and spread rapidly in the United States through a group of sailors arriving in Boston. Africa and Australia were also infected. According to literature sources, despite its high contagiousness, during the first wave, the flu caused low death rates. The severity of the clinical course of influenza changed dramatically during the second wave in 1919, when the virus became unusually contagious. 

While in October 1918, 195,000 Americans died from the flu in mid-1919 the number was 800,000; 228,000 people died in the UK during the pandemic; in Germany - 400,000 people; 8 million people were ill in Spain. In India the pandemic caused the death of 16 million people. This is twice the death toll of the 8.5 million World War I victims.

In the fall of 1919 the influenza pandemic agent permanently stopped circulating and did not reappear. It was not until 1997 that the genetic code of the influenza virus that caused the 1918 pandemic was deciphered. This was made possible through molecular genetic testing of archival material (the lungs of an 18-year old American soldier who died from the flu). It was found to be a mutated ancient avian influenza virus from Asian (perhaps China), transmitted from birds to pigs whose immune system forced the virus to mutate giving it the ability to infect humans. 

1918-1919 – Square of Chiron and Pluto in the signs Aries and Cancer!!!


Chiron is in the last degrees of Pisces, and because of its retrograde movement, it makes an ingress in Aries twice, with the first ingress on the 31st of March, 1918 and the second ingress on the 29th of January, 1919. These two ingresses strikingly coincide with the two epidemic waves of the influenza virus.


Other flu pandemic:


Asian Flu - 1957.

It appeared for the first time in the Far East, from there it was transferred to the United States. The victims in the United States alone were around 69,800 and several hundred thousand worldwide. The first reported case of Asian influenza was in February 1957 - only four months after the exact conjunction of Chiron with Lilith in Aquarius. 


Hong Kong flu

It was first registered in the early months of 1968 in Hong Kong; the same year it was transmitted to the United States, the peak in deaths was from December 1968 to January 1969. Worldwide, the number of victims exceeded 750, 000.


What astrological factors are associated with the appearance of this flu?

The Hong Kong flu was marked by the ingress of Chiron in Aries on April, 1st 1968 and on January, 30th 1969 (exactly 50 years earlier, during the same ingress, the so-called Spanish flue broke out, but it was also accompanied by Chiron's square with Pluto, and therefore the number the casualties was much larger back then).

1976 - swine flu epidemic, influenza A (H1N1)
A new swine flu virus infected soldiers in Fort Dix, New Jersey, United States in 1976. The flu virus did not spread and did not reach a pandemic, but more than 40 million Americans were vaccinated. It is an interesting fact that only one person died from the flu itself, and 25 died from the vaccinations! The astrological factor is the conjunction of Chiron with Lilith in August 1976

The emergence of the so-called "bird" flu, which was transmitted directly from birds to humans.

Dr. Jamie Love from the Roslin Institute, part of the team that cloned Dolly said in an interview:


“I tried injecting the fast growing cells from chicken feathers into hen eggs in the hope of cloning birds, but it didn't work.”

The Cloning of Dolly

Dr Jamie Love, 27 November 1997, Roslin institute


This attempt was probably made around 1995-96, the interview was given on the 27th of November, 1997.


1999 – Conjunction of Lilith and Chiron in Scorpio. Bird flu was again registered in Hong Kong.

May, 12th 2006 | 18:59 | Focus Agency | Geneva

The World Health Organization said today that according to the latest data, there have been 115 deaths reported in the world caused by bird flu.

Since 2003, bird flu has been reported in ten countries. The H5N1 virus strain, which began in Vietnam, has affected not only China, Indonesia, Iraq, Cambodia, but also Egypt, Turkey and Thailand.

This year the virus was registered in Azerbaijan. The latest case of avian influenza has been reported in Djibouti (Africa).

The information is taken from RIA Novosti.



Astrologically, the latest escalation of avian influenza has been linked to the several oppositions of Chiron and Saturn in the period 2003-2006, the last one happened on the 20th of June, 2006.


The first documented influenza pandemic, with many casualties, broke in 1580.


What were the astrological aspects back then.

January, 24th 1580 – Ingress of Chiron in Aries
February, 26th 1580 – Conjunction of Chiron with Pluto

We can see that the first documented flu epidemic was also accompanied by ingress of  Chiron in Aries and aspect of Chiron with Pluto.


In the 19th century - a flu pandemic broke out between 1889 and 1890 - conjunction of Chiron and Lilith.


In conclusion, I can say that Chiron's ingress in Aries, it’s conjunction and square with Pluto and it’s conjunction with Lilith are the astrological aspects connected to every flu pandemic. 


SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

The first SARS cases are detected in the Guangdong province, China in November 2002. The epidemic spread worldwide in 2003. Studies show that the epidemic was not the result of a single isolated case of crossing the interspecific barrier. There were 11 completely independent from one another cases of infection In Guangdong, November 2002. David Bryan, a microbiologist at the University of Tennessee said the following: "This is impressive because it shows that the virus was transmitted from the civet to humans more than once."


The civet (a tropical carnivorous animal of the cat type), sold at markets and valued by the Chinese people for its meat, was suspected to be the vector of the disease. Thousands of animals were killed as a preventative measure.


An interesting “coincidence”:

December 22nd 2001 – A cat was cloned for the first time.

11 months later the disease called SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), appeared for the first time in China. The disease was contained by July 2003, until then 8,099 people in 32 countries contracted the new viral illness, leading to 774 deaths. 





I would like to emphasize that scientists do not intentionally create the viruses that cause epidemics. So then, what is the connection then between genetic experiments and epidemics? I found this connection thanks to Hermes' Second Principle – “What is above is similar to what is below; what is below is similar to what is above”.


This means that there are similarities and connections between the different worlds that surround us:


• macrocosm - the world of planets and stars

• our world – the world of humans, animals and plants

• microcosm - the world of microorganisms, particles, molecules and genes.


There are barriers and boundaries between these worlds that if broken, can have horrific consequences. For example, imagine what would happen if a comet or asteroid belonging to the macrocosm invades our world - a terrible cataclysm will occur that can destroy life on Earth.


In the twentieth century, humanity broke down the barriers that separated our world from the macrocosm - it sent space stations and rockets into outer space.

Through genetic experiments, man also broke down the barriers that separated our world from the microcosm. In other words, the lid of Pandora's box was lifted.


For millennia, animal diseases have affected only animals, human diseases - humans. Now, however, scientists began to mix animal and human genes together, they also began to transplant animal organs into humans and to make vaccines for humans based on viruses that affect animals


If we apply Hermes' Second Principle of similarity in the so-called microcosm we get the answers we seek. Viruses that once were only dangerous to animals can now pass freely between species and are becoming dangerous to humans as well. This was made possible when our genetic experiments “broke” the barrier between these two worlds.


Is Bulgaria threatened?

As far as I know, genetic experiments with animals, much less with human embryos, are not being done in Bulgaria, given the fact that this is an area of science that requires a lot of money. HIV infections in our country are also very rare and it can be said that our country is an oasis in the wilderness of AIDS.

That is why I dare to say that Bulgaria will continue to be spared from epidemics of "animal" diseases (as much as possible, given the global world we live in).


Which are the most endangered countries?

CHINA, SOUTH KOREA, JAPAN, TAIWAN, USA, RUSSIA, ENGLAND, FRANCE, ITALY, and other Western European countries where genetic experiments are conducted.



2010 – Conjunction between Lilith and Chiron in the first degree of Pisces. This aspect is strengthened by Neptune’s conjunction with Chiron, in the same year. So far, I have not mentioned Neptune, so is he connected to these event?

There was a square between Neptune and Chiron in 1997, in the same year the first cases of bird flue were registered. During another square of the two planets a century earlier - in 1894 – the scientist Hans Driesch managed to divide a two-cell guinea pig embryo and created two separate organisms.


The last conjunction of Neptune and Chiron was in 1945 - less than a month after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Based on all the data presented so far, I have reason to say that there will be a global pandemic in 2010.


2018-2019 - There will be an ingress of Chiron in Aries and due to Chiron‘s retrograde movement, the ingress will happen twice.

2020 - Conjunction between Lilith and Chiron in the fifth degree Aries


Is Pandora’s Box open?


Prometheus gave mankind fire and knowledge. This angered Zeus and decided to take revenge on all people. He filled a box with diseases and gave it to Pandora. Driven by curiosity she opened it, all the diseases and miseries locked inside escaped and spread all over the world. A flood soon followed and only Pandora's daughter and Prometheus' son survived.


Is the legend repeating itself nowadays?


Humans have mastered a new kind of fire - nuclear energy. In addition to killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people, this power was also used for peaceful purposes – nuclear electricity. Nevertheless, Chernobyl followed.


Pandora opened the box out of curiosity, that same curiosity has prompted scientists to make new discoveries and experiments in their quest to unravel the genetic code and to "perfect" the human race. The genes of animals, plants and humans are all being mixed together. In the TV series SURFACE, which deals with issues of genetic experiments that threaten the life of humanity, one of the scientists who conducted these experiments answers the question "Why did you do it?" with the words "BECAUSE WE CAN!"


Pandora's box is open. The curiosity of scientists has led to a collapse of the interspecific barriers. This is why now viruses, which generally only affected animals, have become a threat for humans as well. Let’s don’t forget the words of Friedrich Nietzsche “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.”


 As the legend goes, Hope is all that remains at the bottom of the box, and to this very day only Hope helps people endure all the misery and misfortunes in this world.




UPDATE 14.02.2020


Now in 2020, we are witnessing events that follow the predictions I made back in 2006. The first official coronavirus infection was registered on the 1st of December 2019, shortly after Chiron's ingress in Aries (Chiron was in 1.30 degrees of Aries).


It is thought that coronavirus was passed to humans from bats. But why now? The Chinese have not changed their eating habits for thousands of years, why did the virus suddenly become infectious to humans? In my opinion this is the fault of the geneticists, who in their desire to do good, may have done more harm. This is the title of an article published in the Nature magazine “Bat adeno-associated viruses as gene therapy vectors with the potential to evade human neutralizing antibodies”.
Link to the article:


There are several very interesting “coincidences”, the first is that the article was published just 6 months before the first registered case of coronavirus and that the experiment involved the AAV virus found in bats, humans and other primate species. The virus itself is harmless causing a very mild immune response. The article explains how the AAV genes found in bats were modified with AAV2 genes found in humans in order to create a viral vector that is resistant to our immune system. Molecular biologists want to use viral vectors for gene therapy, a way to cure cells with defective genes.


The experiment by itself has nothing to do with the coronavirus, but the fact is that during this experiment the interspecific barrier between bats and humans was broken. In one way or another this possibly “opened the door” between the two species and made the coronavirus infectious to humans.


The final interesting fact is that three of the scientists who conducted this experiment Jialu Li, Zhengli Shi and Haizhou Liu work for the State Key Laboratory of Virology, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, Hubei, China. Wuhan is the city where the coronavirus outbreak began.





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